Кольцо из белого золота с бриллиантами и изумрудом 20045

Кольцо с бриллиантами и изумрудом Кольцо с бриллиантами и изумрудом

Вес: 8,48 гр.
Цвет: Белый
Размер: 17-19
Вставка: бриллиант, изумруд
Драг. металл: Золото
Проба: 585

Цена: 325 000 руб.


Изумруд 1-13,08-4/3
Бриллианты кр. 57 188-0,88-3/5

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Производство ювелирных изделий c 2001 года

"Lazurit-D" jewelry factory is an OFFICIAL trader of Russian natural emeralds and alexandrites all over the world. There is THE ONLY ONE OFFICIAL mine in Russia where  emeralds and alexandrites are mined. It is Malyshevo mine which is located in Sverdlovskaya oblast near Yekaterinburg in The Ural moutains. "Lazurit-D" jewelry factory is a certified company which can mine  Malyshevo alexandrites and emeralds with further trading both in Russia and abroad. We sell both raw and cut minerals. Our skilled diamond cutters cut emeralds and alexandrites at our own jewellery workshop in Moscow. You are welcome to buy emeralds and alexandrites of any size, colour, quality and in any quantity. We have been successfully working since 2001 and earning reputation of a reliable trader of Russian natural alexandrites and emeralds all over Russia and abroad. We are glad to invite you to visit our showroom and jewelry shop in Moscow or book gemstones on our website or via e-mail/phone/whatssapp. We ship our raw and cut stones worldwide. 

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